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The current leader of Russia was the head of the dreaded Soviet KGB.
Most readers would find this book interesting but few it seems have the courage or care enough to take it at face value. It is truly horrifying. It is not fiction. It is real. Virtually all of the criticism I have seen levied against Mr. Nyquists writings are little more than personal attacks and do nothing to debunk items he presents as fact. Anyone taking the time to read this book seriously and corroborate Jeffs sources, and augment that with some research of their own, will realize that current global trends can not, and will not go on forever.

The current leader of Russia was the head of the dreaded Soviet KGB.

Despite their adamance in denouncing the NMD effort, Russia has had an ABM system for decades. They are currently depolying advanced road and rail mobile 6th generation ICBMs - the Topol-M. They have had for decades and continue to develop an unparalelled civil defense infrastructure. This list goes on and on. Much of this can be found in this book, and all of it can be corroborated through reliable news sources, if one takes the time to do so. This book comes highly recommended to anyone that would like to have some good insight as to what to expect in the coming decade and would like to have some control over their own future.