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We appeal to all nations for solidarity with the Georgian Nation. Attacked by a superpower, Georgians defend their independence in unequal fight. Russia has never resigned itself to the fall of the Soviet empire. Let’s remember: Georgia today, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Poland tomorrow. Russia attempts to subjugate the whole Europe.

Russian energy policy is the best proof of this! For us, Polish people, the words “We don't want to die for Georgia” recall the words “We don’t want to die for Gdansk” said in 1939. Those who uttered these words later had to die for France, Belgium, Holland, England. Lack of protest only encourages impudence of the aggressor. Chechenia was being murdered, and the world saw it and did nothing! And today, it is Georgia’s turn.

Russia has cunningly instigated seeds of conflicts in many areas: Karabakh, Transnistria, Abkhazia, Tskhinvali.
It is not true that a single person can do nothing. Let’s appeal to out governments and MPs for support for Georgia. Let's organize demonstrations at Russian embassies. Let’s send support letters to Georgian embassies. Let’s organize humanitarian and medical aid.

Polish people remember solidarity of nations of the free world during the dark days of “martial law” imposed by Moscow collaborators in Poland. It was exactly the support of many ordinary people that enabled the Polish people not to surrender.

Thanks to cooperation of all nations of the former USSR many captive people succeeded in regaining independence for their countries. Perestroika had slipped out of control and the empire collapsed. But now it wants to reoccupy the countries that have liberated themselves from it, and to recover its spheres of influence!

Let's be solidary!

Jadwiga Chmielowska
Piotr Hlebowicz
Kazimierz Michalczyk
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