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Russia and China Prepare For War Part 1

Christopher Ruddy, Editor of NewsMax.com

March 9, 1999

While America has been preoccupied with Clinton's sexual shenanigans and Wall Street's gyrations, extremely ominous developments have been quietly taking place within Russia and Communist China.

These ominous developments have occurred during a time when President Bill Clinton has systematically moved to disarm the United States.

While it has gone largely unreported, President Clinton has overseen the destruction of nearly two-thirds of America's nuclear weapons stockpile. He has ordered that America no longer have a "launch on warning" policy and has replaced it with one that says America will retaliate only after it has been attacked. This non-sensical Clinton policy means that American cities and American military targets must first be destroyed before America retaliates. He has proposed taking computer circuitry out of land-based missiles, so that they could not be launched in an emergency. Clinton has proposed making it much more difficult for our submarines to launch their weapons, and even has suggested welding closed the missile hatches on our submarines.

Most Americans assume that the Cold War is long over, and that we have nothing to fear from our new "friends," Russia and China. Such a notion is completely contradicted by Russia's and China's expansion of their nuclear arsenals at breakneck speed, and deployment of dozens of new weapons systems. Target: America. (Now, I know you may be saying this can't be true, Russia is in chaos and China is just too weak to take on the United States. Please read on and then form your own opinion.)

Most Americans think war with these communist nations is now impossible. Unfortunately Russia and China don't agree. These are the same nations that have murdered tens of millions of their own citizens and which continue to target America with tens of thousands of strategic and tactical nuclear weapons. Never before has the strategic balance been so much in favor of Russia and China.

Further a series of unusual recent activities in these countries indicate that they are at least contemplating nuclear blackmail of the United States These activities include:

An enormous military build-up, including expansion of their arsenal of strategic nuclear weapons, and introduction of new biological and nuclear weapons with first-strike capability.

A huge expansion of their navies (while the US mothballs over half its ships).

A new form of brinkmanship, in which Russia and China regularly probe America's defenses.

Huge new civil defense programs, including enormous fallout shelters in Russia (one new underground city is larger than Washington, DC).

At the same time, under Clinton, the US military has been cut to the bone, leaving America more vulnerable to foreign attack than at any time since the Cold War.


Clinton has slashed troop levels in the Army, Navy and Marines by 30-40%. Most remaining battle troops are now deployed overseas, in the Middle East, Bosnia, South America and elsewhere.

The US arsenal of cruise missiles has dropped to a dangerously low number, just over 100 cruise missiles are left. Further, these few remaining missiles are being quickly thrown away in senseless engagements in the Middle East, and the administration is not building any more.

Clinton has slashed defense spending, from 28% of the federal budget in 1988, to 17% today.

The navy has decommissioned almost half of its ships, down from 600 in 1991 to 336 today. That's the lowest level since 1938.

The critical balance of nuclear weapons is now heavily in Russia's favor. The US has about 10,000 to 11,000 nuclear weapons left, compared to over 30,000 for Russia. Further, thanks to Clinton, many of our remaining nuclear weapons are vulnerable to attack. For instance, the nuclear warheads for our strategic bombers are in the US, while many of the planes are in the Middle East and Europe. Never before has America been so vulnerable to devastating attack by the worst mass murderers in human history, and never before has an American leader so jeopardized America's ability to defend itself.

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