Сергій Кабуд ( Кий ) (xyu) wrote,
Сергій Кабуд ( Кий )

Washington can help Ukraine and is helping thru providing important intelligence

on Yushenko poisoning

on Tymoshenko involvement in poisoning and other KGB plots, including her sabotage of 2 important OIL projects:
1.Baku-Odessa-Brody, 2.Drilling by Americans on Crimea shelf

Yushenko is under a big threat now. Medvedev invited him for a visit on Sep.6 and we are 100% sure it will be an attempt to kill Yushenko

or  kremlin gangster will notify Yushenko that they are going to kill him and all his children and relatives if Yushenko will not submit to KREMLIN demands

ukraine is extensively infiltrated with KGB from top ( parliament, government) to bottom( pro-kremlin militant provocateurs)
Mass Media is effectively under kremlin KGB control in Ukraine

Situation is very bad.
Russian plan to occupy Ukraine will be executed as a siege of Kyiv from the Belarus and Russia border(200miles fro Kyiv),

And from south, from Odessa where marines could land,to Vinnitsa.

In this way kremlin will cut Ukraine in parts,

Siege of Kyiv in the north will serve strategically
in the same way as South Osetia in Georgia: cutting territory, isolating Ukrainian troops in the east


Kremlin forces will take the Stalin line: an old defense анд natural structures used in WW2

Pridnistrovie, where kremlin regiment is positioned since 1990s and where kremlin had recently stored ENORMOUS amounts of weons-

will serve as a blockade to cut Ukraine from the West and western help


USA can help Ukraine to design strategy, may be try to deliver arms, but very secretly.

Ukraine has to position their forces in key areas and start fortifying important parts of its defense line

May be Polish forces can come into Ukraine say for military exercise and be positioned accordingly to threats

USA has a certain political procedures in our governing bodies that has to be undertaking before any foreign military involvement may take place

Also USA can not effectively stretch its army forces all over the globe. If we sent serious enforcement to Ukraine- kremlin most likely will destroy Tbilisi by SS21 with 10 kiloton warheads, yeah, same way they ruined GROZNY not long ago
If kremlin uses SS21 on Tbilisi- their goal will be to kill several hundreds of thousands of Georgians to paralyze any resistance in Georgia and paralize future resistance in Ukraine by fear

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