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USA can not win nuclear war with THIS KIND OF IDIOTS IN WASHINGTON
Mr. President, it would help if you read a basic text on nuclear war theory. I would recommend the work of former CIA analyst Peter Vincent Pry, especially a book entitled "Nuclear Wars: Exchanges and Outcomes." As Pry points out, there are approximately 5,000 hardened strategic targets in the former Soviet Union. There are not even 1,000 equally hardened targets in the United States. Pry says there are only three

Under real war conditions it is estimated that 10,000 U.S. warheads would be required to take out Russia's targets. Furthermore,

 if we take into account Russia's 10,000 dual purpose SAM/ABM missiles, which employ nuclear warheads to fry incoming U.S. warhead electronics at a distance,

 it is doubtful that America's current nuclear arsenal could destroy more than 25 percent of the military targets in Russia even if we launched a first strike.

But it gets worse.

Russian military doctrine is based on the surprise use of nuclear missiles.

U.S. doctrine calls for riding out a Russian attack and then retaliating.

Under these conditions America's land based missiles and bombers would virtually be gone.

Half of America's ballistic missile submarines, caught in port, would be destroyed.

With only 9 SSBNs at sea on any given Sunday, that means only about 1,500 warheads would be able to retaliate against 5,000 hardened targets defended by 10,000 Russian ABMs.

But President Bush does not understand the logic of nuclear deterrence. He imagines that we can get along with 1,000 to 1,500 warheads total. In the event of a surprise Russian strike we might have only 700 warheads to go up against the Russian defenses. It is entirely possible, under such circumstances, the United States would be eradicated from the face of the planet with significant but acceptable damage to the Russian side.
With untold reserves of nuclear weapons, the Russians could then turn their remaining arsenal on Europe and the Middle East, uttering the ancient bandit phrase, "Stick 'em up."