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Campaign Shocker: McCain Suspends Presidential Campaign to Work on Financial Crisis

Wednesday September 24, 2008
McCain leaves a rally in Lancaster County after shaking hands with supporters on Sept. 9, 2008

In an unexpected move today, Republican nominee John McCain called on his political rival to put politics on the back burner for the time being so they can roll up their sleeves and sort through the financial crisis that seems to be getting worse by the hour.

McCain also is requesting that the presidential debate scheduled for Friday afternoon in Mississippi be delayed until legislation can be ironed out to resolve the problems that are hitting the economy so hard.

Caught by surprise, the Barack Obama campaign said the Democratic nominee was the real impetus behind McCain's move, and that Obama would not be suspending his campaign, nor would he support any kind of delay in the presidential debate.

So far, McCain has not acknowledged Obama's response. Instead, he made a brief statement moments ago that he was returning to Washington, DC immediately to get to work, and that he invites Sen. Obama to join him to get the job done. McCain said he wants to meet with Obama and President Bush to develop a solution.

"All we must do get this done is temporarily set politics aside," McCain said. "I'm willing to do that."

Pundits will call it a PR move, but I think McCain's "stunt" is in the best interests of the American people. This is an example of the kind of leadership it takes to run a country. While McCain is willing to put the games away for awhile to put work first, Obama is still out on the field hoping to play politics as usual.

McCain is right about what needs to be done right now. With millions of American mortgages, car loans and insurance policies being potentially affected by the federal Wall Street bailout proposal, McCain seems to understand the grave nature of the situation and, more importantly, is willing to put the interests of Americans ahead of his own political future.

This is the kind of leader I want in the Oval Office. It's one we haven't seen in a long, long time.


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