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Americans dont want bailout Poll: 30 percent for, 45 against
lave na karmane
September 26, 2008
Categories: The economy

New Associated Press-Knowledge Networks poll on the $700 billion bailout, which may explain why the House GOP revolted.

45 percent against, 30 percent for, 25 percent undecided.

But there are nuances: 57 percent said some kind of bailout is required to stop a "serious recession."

Oddly, Democrats are more hostile to the Paulson plan than Republicans -- about 40 percent of Dems are opposed, compared to 30 percent of antis who identified themselves as GOP.

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ясен пень. дебильские уроды просрали все бабло шо могли,
а теперь просят под "чесное пионерское" 700 мильярдов.

на 700 млрд можна страну на метанол перевести за полгода

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