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A sane voice in US Congress

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no shit:)))
won't happen, though.

I feel like puking. Remember Janet Reno and her rolling over banks re: loans for low-income without the real income verification? That is not her biggest sin, though, after Waco, just another one(((

was it her invention? biyatchh

First they put it thru the legislation under Clinton administration, she just helped to push - the real problem started way before Bush. She is just one of the whole group(((
everything is so surreal, but the idea to punish the bad apples won't fly, ever. We are becoming a totally socialist state.

no senator or congressman who voted for it should be re-elected: NO ONE

в теории. а как ты на практике это протащищь.

они почему под выборы замутили:
чтобы люди ЕЩЕ не знали и за них проголосовали ЕЩЕ раз

СТРАШНАЯ ошибка за них голосовать вот что

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