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HAMAS works directly for KREMLIN, trained, armed and financed by MOSCOW

Dec. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Hamas is prepared to halt rocket attacks on Israel if the Israeli government lifts its blockade of the Gaza Strip, Russian Foreign Minister-degenerate Sergei Lavrov said.

Hamas’ Damascus-based political leader Khalid Mashaal made the offer in a telephone call today with Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on its Web site.

Russia is calling for an “immediate” cessation of hostilities in Gaza, where Israel has been mounting bombing raids for five days in a bid to force the Islamic movement to stop its rocket attacks, said Lavrov. A six-month cease-fire with Hamas expired Dec. 19.

At least 30 rockets hit Israel today, including the first strike on the country’s central roadway, Highway 6, and the cities of Beersheba, Ashdod and Ashkelon. There were no reported deaths or serious injuries. Three Israeli civilians and one soldier have died in the rocket attacks.


AND degenerates in kremlin killed the currency:

Russia’s ruble fell the most against the central bank’s currency basket since its introduction in 2005 amid a weakening economy and speculation the government will keep devaluing next year.

The currency dropped 3.3 percent to 35.9163 against the dollar-euro basket by 5:51 p.m. in Moscow, for a record annual decline of 17 percent. The ruble declined 3.5 percent to 30.4800 per dollar, the lowest level since September 2003, and tumbled 3 percent to an all-time low of 42.5806 versus the euro.
The central bank’s basket is made up of 55 percent dollars and the rest euros.

Vladimir Lavrov, a spokesman-degenerate for Bank Rossii, was unavailable for comment

Reserves fell 27 percent since August to $438.2 billion.

Personal bank deposits in rubles fell 4 percent in November to 4.43 trillion rubles ($150 billion) as of Dec. 1

Deposits denominated in foreign currency jumped 19 percent to 1.1 trillion rubles in the same period, the data showed.

More than $200 billion left the country since the August war with Georgia


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