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Chinese democracy advocate Wei Jingsheng stated that many of the current economic problems stem from China being a major contributor to the global free market. During Wei’s recent European tour, he said that China, a country without freedom participating in a free market is the cause for economic troubles in Western countries. If Western countries fail to pay attention to China’s human rights, the world financial crises will only worsen, according to Wei.

According to Wei, the current economic crisis in Germany is tied to the recent incident in which Deutsche Welle (The Voice of Germany) received much backlash for being pro-communist China. Wei believes the backlash is a reflection of built-up public discontent over Chancellor Schröder’s increasing closeness with communist China over the past years, which have hurt German businesses and laborers.

Regarding German’s trade with China, Wei explained, “While the big capitalists earned money every day, many laborers lost their jobs, and small and medium sized businesses went under.

Wei stressed that this economic crisis was caused by actions of the pro-China camp. Wei disclosed that several party members in Germany agree with him that there needs to be a big change in German politics.

Allowing China—a not-so-free country—to run freely in a free market economy is like allowing a malignant tumor go untreated, said Wei. He said that the participation of China, a country without standards for human rights, labor and environmental issues, in the global economy will be like a cancer that destroys itself and other countries. Wei believes that existence of human rights, law and environmental regulations are the prerequisites for healthy economic development.

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