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Proposed ETHANOL increases in fuel blending range from as little as 12% or 15% or as high as 85%.
lave na karmane

The economic stimulus bill now being debated in the US Senate might take
out of the Environmental Protection Agency's hands a decision on whether to
boost the current 10% blending cap for ethanol, refiners and environmentalists
said on Friday

Annual US ethanol production capacity stands at 11.69 billion gallons, according to RFA,
with another 1.4 billion gal/year slated to come from new plants and
 Several Midwest senators have discussed the possibility of slipping
languange into the stimulus bill that would raise the current blending cap of
10% ethanol
, according to a source familiar with the discussions.
Matt Hartwig, a spokesman for the Renewable Fuels Association said that
while his group "supports getting the cap raised by whatever means will get
the job done," he knows of no plans in the Senate for such a provision. 
--------------- ENEMY ARGUING : ---------------
The Senate must not bypass the consumer and environmental protections of
the Clean Air Act on this important issue," the National Petroleum Refiners 
, along with a host of environmental and auto groups, said in a statement.