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Oil solution by Anne Korin. Full video. Very impressive.
underground resistance

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well, i am not a big believer in batteries

you are 100% on the money: solid batt. is a very very distant solution

but alcohols is a very old and working one.

If you live here long enough you should be familiar with methanol program in the State of California, are you?

There was a publication in popular mechanics on it : in 12 parts or so. I have it somewhere in this journal and you can find it too))

China (gov) actively promotes methanol.

Brazil endorsed ethanol in the 70s, since then they achieved fantastic success including but not limited to almost closed cycle with cane: they even burn dry parts to distill ethanol and more: they use by-products to produce syn gas, if i am not mistaken here

So far this is how it looks like at the moment:

there are several directions of research , strategic fuel research :

1.hydrogen fuel cell on compressed hydrogen. It is meant to develop just the hydrogen electric generation approach

2.methanol membranes or possibly other similar technologies: it was well developed even in 2003(google NECAR5, an electric car on methanol fuel cell ran over 3 000 miles in a winter time acros USA)

3.Alcohol manufacturing technologies, including but not limited to cellulosic

4.Just classic electric car research: well, batteries are a problem, but they are not the only element in electric solution, so it is an important direction of research

May be i missed something here, but anyway:

methanol fuel cell and electric motor is just fine and 100% ready for industrial mass production EXCEPT: methanol membrane needs PALLADIUM which is very expensive

5.methanol fuel cells is another strategic research direction:
they are available commercially but at a very high price
Pentagon last year purchased some, you can buy a laptop battery on methanol for $5000 now or a bigger one for much more


But if we adopt flex fuel laws we dont have to wait and can convert all cars fleet in several month if there going to be political will to do it

If you search my journal on METHANOL - i have hundreds of articles collected on the subject

Methanol is made very cheaply from any carbon reach material in a GASIFICATION process.

In my view : a gas station with 3 tanks for 87, 89, 93 can be converted to 1.gas,2ethanol,3methanol for under $50 000 each: it is only needed to clean the tank and to put special coating on its surfaces

As for the cars: it is very similar what is needed

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