Сергій Кабуд ( Кий ) (xyu) wrote,
Сергій Кабуд ( Кий )

Bob Basso is intimidated by OBAMA?


our 1 Segment 1 Update on Bob Basso Tomorrow is the big meeting with Obama

Jesse got a call from Dr. Bob Basso saying he was called by Obama - about We gust got told by Bob that that the WH wants to deal with his visit and not to talk our promote his WH visit -

Hour 1 Segment 2 Bob Basso audio -

Democracy doesn't depress power -

Obama says he was deeply disturbed by Basso -

Bob could instantly become a leader of a resistance -

I am concerned that the WH is going to try and define Basso -

They are going to do back-ground check on Bob - how are they going to try and vilify him?

They can't afford to let him go more viral than he already is! Caller Ryan Vegas - Don't back down on this!!! Thomas Paine is credited with the Declaration of Independence -

Hour 1 Segment 3 - When someone tells me I cant do something I tend to go the other way -

I was told I couldn't Loop a Cessna 172 - I did a loop - when the WH says Jerry cant expose this story I do the opposite -

I am not supposed to violate the parameters of radio - but the parameters have been violated by Obama - Play 6 minute audio Thomas Paine speech by Bob Basso - Reference to "One Flew Over the Coo-coo nest"

Hour 1 Segment 4 Caller Robert Vegas - Basso should not go see Obama - Caller Michael Vegas - Is a federal agency - Intimidation of Basso

Hour 2______________________________________ Hour 2 Segment 1

Bob that that the WH wants to deal with his visit and not to talk our promote his WH visit -

Obama says he was disturbed -

Basso says Obama not running country properly -

Are we a nation of cowards all the talking points of Basso audio -

a tax payers revolt -

its not about helping the program -

its about helping Bob Basso - He is a patriot -

Geithner said he was open to a new world currency - Market dropped due to resistance to buy debt -

The govt is worried about the anger from the people - where the left is trying to push this country -

We know Paulsen was behind martial law - why would Obama reach out to Basso -

most of what YouTube is nonsense - would he get play with Matt Lauer -

the congress fears the people are washing up - Caller JD NV - This is most profound I have ever heard on radio! 
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