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David Kellerman , Freddy Mac за компанію і жид повісився:: For the company even а Jew hanged himself
lave na karmane
an archetype worked:  we have this saying in ukrainian it goes :

за компанію і жид повісився

For the company even  Jew hanged himself

means that an event of a low probability as a Jew hanging himself may occur if a Jew wants to be together with the others (to be a company to friends, a part of the group)

Jews rarely commit suicide but  A Company which is Freddy M. is bigger then life )))

There is such an irony in it

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Re: дякую, цікаво. от ще таке:

do rechi ce prysliv'ya ya takozh chuv u varianti "cygan povisyvsya"

Re: дякую, цікаво. от ще таке:

з циганом не такий РИТМ)))

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