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MOSCOW:: MARINA KALASHNIKOVA::prisoner of KREMLIN criminal psychiatry for exposing WAR PREPARATION
MARINA KALASHNIKOVA  forcefully hospitalized for exposing WAR PREPARATION by KREMLIN?

More details on persecution by FSB-GESTAPO :

some recent history
of attacks on Kalashnikovs :

Who is Marina Kalashnikova :

Marina Kalashnikova interview with Leonid Zamyatin on wikipedia

from there it links to:

“Thatcher had a Definite Womanish Feeling towards Gorbachev”, interview with Zamyatin by Marina Kalashnikova, Kommersant, May 4, 2005. Retrieved on 2007-11-13.

Marina Kalashnikova interview with Evgeny Primakov

Marina Kalashnikova interview with Sergey Stepashin

in russian

in English (un-edited google translation)

Both  Evgeny Primakov  and  Sergey Stepashin  are considered to be CURRENTLY  involved on THE HIGHEST DECISION MAKING LEVEL IN KREMLIN

4. Marina Kalashnikova interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski  on Ben Laden

5. link to
Marina Kalashnikova  Naukograd researsch for RAND Corporation

6. Marina Kalashnikova 180 articles in Nezavisimaya Gazeta

Marina Kalashnikova 7  interviews in Komersant  with

Lord Michael Heseltine
Dmitry Yazov

Leonid Zamyatin

Oleg Grinevsky
Matvey Burlakov 
Valentin Falin
Ivan Aboimov

8. Article by Marina Kalashnikova where she mentions NATO official   commenting on 9-11
and `other` forces been involved
. From the article in russian on :

9. Marina Kalashnikova articles in


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