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Lunev on modern weapons

Other instruments of destruction the Russians have had  success with are seismic weapons. Spitac and other small towns in the Transcaucasus Mountains were almost destroyed during a seismic weapons test that set off an earthquake.

This would have obvious applications on America's west coast and other areas of the world prone to earthquakes.

Russia has also been a leader in the development of "Electromagnetic Pulse" weapons. Basically, EMPs were

identified during early nuclear testing. Scientists found that high-energy pulses destroyed electronic circuitry. Weapons based on this technology were used by the United States during Operation Desert Storm to electronically blind the Iraqis. Large scale EMP weapons can cripple cities.

Probably the most troubling set of weapons that Russians are pursuing involves the use of very, very low frequency radio
signals. Early research indicates that this type of energy can be used to destroy the human brain.
If they can develop a powerful enough delivery mechanism, they can kill millions of people from thousands of miles away. Another use of this technology is to influence the human brain. Russian research indicates that these radio signals—used at anonlethal level and combined with other types of radiation—can be used to put people into a zombie-like state, and be a tool in brainwashing.

All this technology is being developed under the cover of "dual use" claims in research centers that are run by supposed civilian agencies. The GRU has been, and always will be, a major tool for use of these weapons of mass destruction, and for espionage to capture technical secrets that will make them more effective.

Still, it should not be shocking that Spetznatz would infiltrate America. It is simply good military practice. War is war. It sounds
simple, but many Americans seem to believe that there should be a gentlemen's code, that war should be fought by soldiers in remote battlefields. Americans believe that war should be sterile, because it has never hit their home soil since the Civil War of 130 years ago, and even then, only in the south-eastern part of the country. Russia has been rampaged for centuries by every would-be world conqueror.

Millions of Russians have died on their homeland during wars. This is a feeling that Americans do not know.  The only way you get an enemy to submit is by bringing the war to his people. Maybe if the United States had been willing to bring the Gulf War directly to the Iraqi people, Saddam Hussein would not be in power today. But America, apparently, has different interests. American special forces are taught to perform rescue operations. This is not a military mission for Russian special forces.

Instead, Spetznatz train terrorists;   something American special forces won't do.

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