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On assasination of the government of Poland from conversation with Jeff Nyquist

A journalist once asked Robert Kennedy who really killed his brother. Robert said he knew but wouldn't say. The journalist was puzzled. The answer is simple, however. LBJ and Bobby were both told by Angleton that Oswald had been taped by the CIA during his visit to Mexico City shortly before he shot JFK. Oswald had called the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City, asking for a KGB officer named Kostikov, identified as someone in "wet affairs."

LBJ and RFK agreed to keep this information secret for a very important reason: The Kennedy administration had been plotting to assassinate foreign leaders, including Castro. RFK knew why his brother had been killed and would seek revenge on his own terms (as president). Because RFK and JFK were intimately involved in the plot to kill Castro, they dared not admit the real situation publicly, since the voters would not have accepted such a practice.

So our own leaders could not talk honestly about what happened to Kennedy in Dallas. At the same time the KGB put out a massive disinformation campaign so that many people believe the CIA killed Kennedy. Or else they believe the "evil" military industrial complex killed him.
As for Robert Kennedy's peace platform in 1968, one should remember that RFK had good reason to hide his real motive for being president. The Russians and Cubans understood perfectly his desire for revenge. I remember an interview that shocked me back in 1978. It was with one of Robert Kennedy's closest friends at the tenth anniversary of his death. He said that if Robert Kennedy had been elected president there would have been World War III. He wouldn't say anything further, but scoffed at the notion that RFK was a man of peace.
Angleton arranged for Golitsyn to brief Attorney-General Robert F. Kennedy on the KGB threat


When it became clear that he will be the next president, after he won California primaries kgb ordered the murder.
And a handy palestinian was already eager and waiting:

well, it is true that jihadists do the dirty work for kremlin, but it is the same as thinking that guns kill people.
Islamists are those guns but kremlin pulls the trigger.

 And here we go again , it is everywhere,- in House hearing, in Golitsyn story,
and it will repeat itself unless we stop them.
guns kill people
And box cutters kill thousands of people when used to hijack planes and fly them into skyscrapers.

As for the knifes:

criminals know it, special forces people know it too:

in a close proximity a knife is much better weapon then a handgun:

it takes much less time to cut your enemy then to reach for a gun, point it, pull the trigger. Also the bullet can miss but the knife - you cant miss the throat))
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