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ATTACK ON THE NEXT OIL WELL IN THE GULF. Exactly according to soviet military doctrine
Fox News is being told by the Homeland Security director for Jefferson Parish, La., that a new oil leak has sprung up in the Gulf of Mexico after a boat struck an oil well in the early morning hours on Tuesday.

A tugboat or other workboat collided with the well near Bayou St. Dennis, La., shearing off its valve structure and releasing pressurized natural gas and light oil, DHS official Deano Bonano told Fox News.

Cleanup workers are currently booming off the area and the scene at sea has been taken over by federal agents. The U.S. Coast Guard, Jefferson Parish police and fire officials, as well as Vessels of Opportunity boats have all been dispatched to the scene.

Federal officials do not know who owns the well, but a contractor who handles wild wells is also on the way, Bonano said.

Oil is spewing about 20 feet in the air from the severed 4-inch pipe, a contractor who flew over the leak told Fox News. The area has been evacuated and civilian boats are being told not to enter the scene, where "a fair bit of oil" is leaking out, the contractor said.

Oil spews from a wellhead in Barataria Bay on the coast of Louisiana after it was struck by a tugboat, Tuesday, July 27, 2010. A crew capable of capping the well is expected onsite later Tuesday.

this is classic soviet millitary text:

Spetsnaz could be used too, they realised, against the heart and blood supply of the state:
ie. its source and distribution of energy -- power stations, transformer stations and power lines, as well as oil and gas
pipelines and storage points, pumping station and oil refineries.

Putting even a few of the enemy's more important power stations out of action could present him with a catastrophic situation.

-Not only would there be no light:

-factories would be brought to a standstill,

-lifts would cease to work,

-the refrigeration installations would be useless,

-hospitals would find it almost impossible to function,

-blood stored in refrigerators would begin to coagulate,

-traffic lights,

-petrol pumps and

-trains would come to a halt,

-computers would cease to operate.

Even this short list must lead to the conclusion that Soviet military razvedka (the GRU) and its integral spetsnaz is something more than the `eyes and ears of the Soviet Army'.

As a special branch of the GRU spetsnaz is intended primarily for action in time of war and in the very last days and hours before it breaks out.


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